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Do Marketers Need to Know Python?

Python is a versatile programming language that you can use on the backend, frontend, or full stack of a web application. As a Marketer, you may not need to know how to code in Python, but it would be beneficial to at least know the basics. Below Industry experts share their thoughts on why Marketers should learn Python.

Python is versatile and can be used for backend, frontend, or full stack web applications

Python has been around for a while and is one of the most popular programming languages. It is versatile and can be used for backend, frontend, or full stack web applications. So do marketers need to know Python? The answer is maybe. If you are looking to get into marketing, then learning Python could give you an edge over other applicants. However, if you are already working in marketing and don’t have any interest in coding or web development, then you probably don’t need to learn Python.

The Reason for Query

Although the trigger is a random tweet that appeared on the twitter line, knowledge of the Python language in the context of SEO and marketing is becoming commonplace especially with the development of AI, and thus the question of whether marketers need to know this program.
The question is interesting not only in marketing but also for programming schools, as well as for the labor market, because it is obvious that certain activities that marketing is currently doing manually and/or with the help of semi-automated tools will be redirected to full automation.

Python is used very often for programming and developing platforms for artificial intelligence. Python’s TensorFlow is the most used library for all applications that have artificial intelligence in them. Python, when used for artificial intelligence, is also great for analyzing large amounts of data (Big Data) and is used by people who deal with statistical analysis, analysis and modification of DNA or large amounts of data obtained from the Internet or other data sources.

What Python is perhaps best known for is his ability to quickly search the Internet and find the information he wants. This is one of the reasons why Google uses it to index and rank websites within its search engine. ”

If you are interested in the basics of this language, a tutorial from YouTube also works quite well, although we would always suggest that you round up your knowledge within a formal educational institution.

Mentioned tweet which is a direct reason for thinking, and hopefully for a wider social reflection, -Why do #SEO professionals need to learn #Python, or do they? – we transmit as a screenshot (link below):

Source: Twitter

Mark Preston is an SEO trainer.

Tweet got some interesting mentions:

·  “Need” is an overstatement, but like knowing php, and other languages, it can give you an extra tool in the toolset and expand your options and capabilities. It is not as essential as knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

·  There are so many ways that I use Python basically daily. Here are a few: – Automating Google Trends rising keyword reports – Named Entity Recognition to help identify topic clusters – Schema scraping – General web scraping – Automated GA reporting and cleaning.

If you look at the demand for jobs that require knowledge of Python, you will see that the demand is constant and that there is a great interest, especially of the millennial generation and generation Y, ie those born after 1980.

We believe that the assumption that people in marketing should not know new programming languages is not based on business development, because especially in the 21st century, these jobs are interconnected, so that marketers who have all the necessary knowledge have the breadth necessary for deeper knowledge of the AS IS and possibilities of forecast trends.

The classic division of business into marketing and IT is losing its force over time, so it is necessary for marketers to step forward and thus go ahead of the changes caused by the IV Industrial Revolution.

Marketers may not need to know how to code in Python, but it would be beneficial to at least know the basics

Python is a programming language that has gained popularity in recent years due to its versatility and ease of use. While marketers may not need to be able to code in Python, it would be beneficial for them to at least know the basics. Python can be used for a variety of tasks, such as data analysis, automation, and web development. Even if marketers don’t plan on using Python themselves, understanding the basics can help them better communicate with developers and other team members who do use it.

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