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What are the Challenges of Doing Business in the Balkans?

Here you can find interesting conversation with Mike Pitt from Marketing Fundamentals Ltd UK.
We have discussed following topics:
  • What is lead generation?
  • How to stand out and raise company’s visibility?
  • How does content marketing work?
  • How do you use Twitter strategically?
I would like to praise Bilja for knowing his job very well and for really trying. As for the training itself, it is very interesting.
Impression of the online training participant - Business Development Associate "After a few classes, I am very satisfied. I like that links are included in the scripts, which give more information to those who want to learn."

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Social media campaigns
$100 / month
arptemplate 7 2
Bringing customers in
$500 / month
arptemplate 7 3
Closing the sales
$800 / month
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Premium 2
Closing the sales
$1.200 / quarter

Biljana Ilic


Marketing campaigns, advertising on Google, social media, marketing plan and media plan, campaign banners, social media administration, website, SEO, “lead generation”, trade fairs … are extremely important. What represents the inevitable end of the circle is the man who communicates with the man. Without knowledge of sales steps, sales techniques, soft skills that every salesperson must have, the job is not done. Until the product is sold, until the customer is satisfied – the job is not done. We’re finishing the job.

Mostly you see that people speak about themselves and the company, they also speak about what they offer, and they almost never commit to get you something concrete. We have professional associates, our friends who know how to make a website, graphic design, know what code is and how to do retargeting and remarketing.

In today’s business environment, we believe that it is necessary to be realistic. We do not promise the impossible, we respect the agreement and deadlines and we work at prices that can be submitted by micro companies. We are here to help each other. Corporate social responsibility is the basis of sustainable growth and community development.

If you have contacted us it assumes you want to want to work with our growth proposals.

How to find the Right Online Training for Your Business Development Associate


Marketing Corner – Studio founder is Biljana Ilić, Master of Business Administration, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, who improved her business knowledge by working in various managerial positions in multinational corporations such as Apatin Brewery (then InBev, now Molson Coors), PepsiCo, etc.

Lived and worked in Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen and Istanbul.

10+ years of experience in a multinational environment. From the USA to the EU, the region and Serbia.

Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, Master of Business Administration @Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. 

Graphic and web design, because marketing and design are part of a uniy, not opposite Poles. Both marketing and sales, because until the product or service finds a customer, clicks, likes and retweets don’t mean much.

Customer in the center of the circle.


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