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How to find the Right Online Training for Your Business Development Associate

As a business development associate, it is your job to find new ways to improve the company’s bottom line. One way to do this is by finding the right online training for your needs. With so many options available, how can you know which one is best for you and your team? Here are four tips on how to find the right online training for your business development associate. The internet has a lot to offer when it comes to online training for business development associates. You can find programs that are specifically tailored to your needs and will help you improve your skills. Look for online courses that cover topics such as sales, marketing, and customer service. These are all important aspects of being a successful business development associate. By taking an online course, you can learn at your own pace and get the certification you need to show potential employers that you have what it takes to be successful in this field.

Find online training that covers the topics you need to know in order to improve the company’s bottom line.

There are a lot of online training options out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? If you’re looking to improve your company’s bottom line, then you need to find an online training that covers the topics you need to know.

Make sure the online training you choose is interactive and engaging.

Online training courses can be a great way to learn new skills or develop existing ones. However, it’s important to make sure that the online training you choose is interactive and engaging. Otherwise, you may find yourself quickly becoming bored and disengaged. Look for online training courses that offer interactive elements such as quizzes, games, and simulations. These will help keep you engaged and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your learning experience.

Choose an online training provider that offers customer support in case you have any questions or problems.

If you’re looking for an online training provider that offers good customer support in case you have any questions or problems, we recommend checking out our Business Development Associate online training.

Our Training Module

With the development of online business, the functions of marketing and sales are merging, hence the increased need for a new position “Business development associate” mostly in companies that are B2B or SaaS (Software as a Service / Instead of installing and maintaining software, access via the Internet).

The position is mostly represented in foreign companies, but it is hastily adopted in Serbia as well as in the countries of the region.

Business development unites promotional mix activities (part of the marketing mix): content / advertisement, sales activities and activities with potential customers/leads, as well as direct marketing – especially telemarketing (sales over phone).

  • The training is going to be done online (via the Zoom application).
  • There is a possibility of agreement that the training will be performed on the company’s premises. The communication part of the training will be done in English.
  • The price depends on the number of participants, but there is also the possibility of fixed price at the company level.
  • Each partiicipant will receive scripts, as well as mentoring during the position in the company.

Plan and program for 24 teaching classes of 1.5 hour each:

  • Plan and program 1st class: The concept of entrepreneurship. Types of companies. Difference: sales driven vs. product driven companies. Basic functions. Organizational structure. Job description.
  • Plan and program 2nd class: What is business development. The difference business development vs. call center. The concept of marketing.
  • Plan and program 3rd class: What is the marketing funnel. The concept of communication. The concept the public. What are the target groups.
  • Plan and program 4th class: What are social media. Social media as channels of communication. Types of social media.
  • Plan and program 5th class: The concept of sales. What are the desirable qualities of a good seales person (soft skills). Sales planning. What is the salles funnel.
  • Plan and program 6th class: Customer relationship – a term. Communication scripts: cold calling. Overcoming objections. Buffer statements.
  • Plan and program 7th class: Homework presentation and feedback.
  • Plan and program 8th class:: Linkedin: basics. Introduction to the premium function (Sales navigator).
  • Plan and program 9th class: Communication scripts: LinkedIn: messages / inMail & groups.
  • Plan and program 10th class:s: Twitter: basics.
  • Plan and program 11th class: Facebook & Instagram: basics. Engaging via groups.
  • Plan and program 12th class:Close CRM & search.
  • Plan and program 13. class: Lusha & Sales Force. Google docs.
  • Plan and program 14. class: Communication scripts: cold e-mail, Mailchimp, Hub Spot 
  • Plan and program 15class: Task presentation and feedback.
  • Plan and program 16 -24 classes: Practical task. Three target groups: small business, luxury products & NGO.

Below you can find the job description:

  • Qualifications and skills:

* Team player

* Work with a team leader or owner / CEO to ensure timely achievement of company goals

* The mentality of “constant acquisition of new knowledge”

* Ability to communicate well and address the needs of potential customers

* Ability to resolve complaints and rejections on a daily basis

* Goal orientation

* Knowledge of English – writing and speaking – required

* Excellent usage of internet and computer.

* Technical ability to master sales tools

  • Basic responsibilities:

* Understands the services / products and needs of the company

* Understands the criteria that make an ideal potential customer/lead

* Analyzes and identifies potential customers who belong to the target group

* Manages and develops a base of potential customers

* Creates “inbound” marketing content – social media posts, blogs.

* Basics of social media promotion and Google ads

* Collaborates with potential customers through campaigns: e-mail, phone calls, professional networking

* Schedules meetings where a service / product presentation should take place and sales closed

* Excellent knowledge of sales enablement tools, such as LinkedIn sales navigator or Lusha

* Excellent knowledge of CRM tools such as Close, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce

* Designs new and innovative ways to engage in the marketplace

At the end of the training, the participant will receive a certificate that she/he has listened the training.

For all additional information: & +381653040596.

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